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Deep Imagery

Deep inside each of us is a reservoir of wisdom that is often difficult to access in the middle of a busy life. It is a resource of imagination and healing that knows what is needed to fulfill our needs, longings, dreams and destiny. Imagery (internal pictures and imaginings) is the language of our inner wisdom. It comes in dreams, both at night and during daydreams, but is not always easy to understand. What would it be like to ask these images about the messages they present? Would this allow us to live from our deepest strengths, our deepest dreams, and our deepest gifts?

Deep imagery is a process through which we may develop and deepen our own relationship with our inner knowing and bring this knowing into our daily lives.
A journey to meet your deep imagery guides begins with relaxation. After relaxing your body, your attention will be directed to that place within you where your imagination lives. An animal or other image will be called forth and welcomed. You will ask the image, “What have you come to show me or tell me that I need to know for my growing?” Listen carefully to the response. Allow the image to direct your experience. Ask, “Do you need anything from me?” Ask, “Does anything more need to happen?” When the journey comes to an end, thank the animal or image for coming to help you with your growing.

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